Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Why I pick Madonna to be my celeb Mama, over Ms. Jolie

We're always hearing how Angelina Jolie is getting a new kid and how she hopes to create an international family with lots of different religions, races, etc.

Goody for her. Some people think she's Saint Jolie already. I think Mia Farrow's got it covered for fostering and adopting children with disabilities, tons of them, and mostly under the radar. She's a saint for having put up with Woody Allen for ten seconds.

As for myself, I prefer Madonna because she's not playing some altruistic card, not trying to save the world or all of the children in it. Frankly, Madonna's in it for herself and I can just relate to that better than any of the other cr*p. What kid wouldn't appreciate the material things in life, a mom that still likes to dance and get down and has insecurities that when its all said and done are relatable to. She a real person. A rich, real person. I don't know what Jolie is and frankly, I don't want to have to get along with everyone else and pretend to be happy and not fight in an ever growing family that was purposely created to shove children into being examples of someone else's cultural and racial ideal. Ms. Jolie is creating a family as some sort of political statement, and who the hll wants to be caught up in that?

Both ladies are rich and powerful. I just don't like the inherent expectation a kid would have to suffer thru that they are some kind of example of world perfection or that they unexpectantly and against their will were chosen for the cult of Jolie. Madonna's kid is just plain going to be spoiled, privileged and probably left to their own thoughts as how to spend that in life. Either child will be in a sphere that most of us will never understand, but I'd rather be spoiled for the fun of it rather than to be expected to perform for my mother's idea of world perfection. The results won't show for another 20 years - can Jolie keep the world interested even up til then? What a question. I think its just better to open the trust fund and have a happy, dare I say, merely vaccuous life.

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