Friday, September 29, 2006

Yum! Windowsill Sunshine!

I look at other blogger's sites and I see that short and sweet really rules.

Well, today was good because I put all my purty make up on, which is almost an alter ego for me as I feel that I really stack up against the normies when I do this. Then I went and spent a mint on getting my hair done. I have to say I will NOT know what to do if my hairstylist ever leaves the area (like somewhere I couldn't track her down) because she is just AWEsome, really very good. I don't worry with her, we discuss, she does the rest and may I say, the results are MAHvelous!!!! So that's got to make a girl feel good.

I actually went and bowled by myself today. I'm on Husband's league and I'm trying to get used to this new wrist thing on my own outside of league time. I was very troubled to have a passel of kids bowling next to me and I asked if I were to come again could I have a 'kid free' zone. The answer is probably/maybe but the whole thing got on my nerves. This area needs a kid bowling alley, and 'serious' bowling alley, like where my in-laws are. Yup, you heard it here, Tart's not got much use for kids. Shock, dismay.

But still it was a puurrrty good day.

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mysti said...

Tooo cute pic!

It sounds like you had such a nice day! I am happy for you.

I have had a pretty good day myself today. I picked up a friend I paint with and we went to painting class. We then went out to lunch. A true ladies day out. Just what I needed.

Thank you for your comment today. You are very right in what you said. The leader of the group did say that we would only share our testimonys when we are ready. It is mainly a support group for ladies with abusive pasts. We will take it one week at a time. I know I want to work with others, and this is a good start. We shall see where it takes me.