Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The 'Netflix' Meme: Last 10 Movies Rented

This is great because it gives me a moment to b*tch about my local Blockbuster, the place *I* rented my stuff from until they mysteriously went out of business this month (R.I.P.), a week after I rented my last movie, and didn't even tell me it was going.

I bet they are having a hard time, precisely because they are competing with Netflix. So it doesn't surprise me that this meme actually has the Netflix name, AS IF they're the only ones. I belonged to my local Blockbuster since 1989. I'll be signing up for Netflix soon.

I love movies, but asking me to remember the last 10 is...difficult. I see that mysti did it on her blog, and I was directly tagged by Enigma, so I search my memory for you.

I know #1 was the last one I saw, the rest are not in order.

1. Benchwarmer's
2. Take the Lead
3. Dreamer (a repeat rental, so my Dad could see it)
4. Pirates of the Carribean (or maybe I just saw P of the C2 in the theatre. J.D. is so HOT!)
5. The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio (Julianne Moore is puurrfect at playing a saintly mother and a smarty who wins things to support TEN children and boozer husband.)
6. Walk the Line (saw it in the theatre, rented it for my husband, and again for my Dad.) and I still like it. Biopics of boozer, womanizing music stars with left-over childhood issues and their 'chaste' person of interest ROCK!
7. Beauty Shop (Queen Latifah)
8. I did rent the 'Talented Mrs. Henderson' something like that, at one point) with Dame Judy Dench. Strip club during WWII. Yeah, strip and Dench in same sentence. I know its strange, and so is the movie, a bit.
9. Mean Girls, rented sometime in my life (although a while ago)
10. Argggghhh! Maybe I'll have a number 10 for tomorrow.

I can think of movies I've bought and movies I've watched on T.V. Maybe extra credit will make up for my lack of a solid set of rented ones.

Bought: School of Rock (LOVE it!), Italian Job, Old School, Bram Stoker's Dracula (Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves) - only horror I'll subject myself to. Fabulous time period clothing/scary but beautiful love story. What can I say, I really am a freak, corsets and bustles make a great movie.

On TV: Latest: Cheaper by the Dozen 1, Father of the Bride 2. Not necessarily because I like Steve Martin, I do, but because they are both sweet, calming family movies.

I tag Raine!!


mysti said...

How come remembering movies that we rent is sooooo dang hard... It took me weeks to do that meme! lol I was like holy moly "Mysti" your memory sucks big time...... lol. Sheesh. Glad to see I am not the only one who has that problem.

'Tart said...

Ah, yes. I really did have a hard time. I asked Husband, hoping he could bail me out and he was like, "Are you kidding!" If my Blockbuster hadn't gone out of business I was seriously considering having them make a printout for me! Good luck to Raine. I hope you can remember your movies!