Sunday, September 24, 2006

After reading mysti's blog and poem about thankfulness, I left a short response as I don't want to preach on someone else's blog or correct someone else's people who leave responses. And this is really my thoughts, not a reflection on anybody.

I feel uncomfortable saying preachy things in blogland, as I pretty much leave out those aspects of me and don't seem to go there much on here.

But I am interested in things that bring me closer to peace, especially as I age, and when I consider that my psychotic experiences and hospitalizations did go strongly in spiritual places for me, as in both of them I was broken down to a near subhuman level and I clutched strongly on the mainstay of life as I see it: prayer. Sometimes pure begging prayer, other times times constant prayers of guidance of what to do, sometimes about even the simplest of things as my mind was constantly churning to come back when for all practical purposes I pretty much looked, acted, and felt like a retard.

When you are all alone in that quiet room, terrified to death, who are you going to call? And as you recover both emotionally, mentally and physically, you establish speaking to the Lord even more. It is not all about pills. Love and support from my family and without ever naming it, support on our wondrous, loving, and guiding Heavenly Father got me through.

I just want to say, a thankful heart IS key, and humility is willing to be low, and both make you such an easier vessel, or piece of clay, for Him to work with. It's like you are waiting, listening, you are safe yet you are opening yourself up for the 'more' that He has for you. I don't ever want to hear that holding on to these kind of kindness are not helpful, in fact I am not convinced of the 'helpfulness' to anyone in not understanding that being made 'low', and more loving, makes it possible to be brought high.

It's in the Bible. (Think Forrest Gump)

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mysti said...

Well said Tart. I picked that poem because I related. I related because I have been in a state where life for me was so low. Something did come out of those low times for me that I am very grateful for. A closeness with God. Even though life can be pretty bad at times, there is always something to be thankful for if one looks, feels and allows God into ones life. ((((Tart))))