Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm getting back into my yarn arts.:)

I love yarn and thread. I have crocheted a few things, and have actually given away scarves and at least one hat to friends as gifts. I made a hat for myself, too. I fiddle with knitting, I did take a class in it a while back and made a pair of mittens, but I was following a pattern and had a teacher looking over my shoulder. She said if I could do the increasing and decreasing necessary for that mitten, I could do anything. Perhaps true, but I am very slow with my projects, and sometimes take a lot of time from them. It may be that upping and lowering of energy that bipolars get, I don't know.

I also cross-stitch, especially when a kit strikes my fancy. I have completed a few kits, most memorably a 'best friends' one for my friend Tracy, and that sweet baby girl one I finished for last Christmas for a family member's new baby. That was really satisfying because I finished it just in time!

My new thing, is that I would like to learn weaving. I would love to have a loom and use it. I would love to have the room for a loom! My office is very 'junked up' to say the least. I am a horrible pack rat, it is so hard for me to let ANYthing go. I honestly think that is an outcrop of the illness as well. I saw my Dad struggle with it his whole life. Pack-'ratness' - genetics? bipolar? or just annoying thing to keep people from visiting? I don't know.:)


Wanda's Wings said...

Sounds like you are talented. I sure your work is beautiful. Would like to see some pictures sometime.

Sheri said...

I love needlecrafts, but still haven't gotten the hang of knitting/crocheting. It would be awesome to see some pictures of your work.

Raine said...

My mother in law had an antique loom in her garage. She had said I could have it someday when I had room for it, but well she passed recently and I forgot all about. Its gone now. But we have similar interests it seems

Tracy said...

I like lots of projects just like you. I am sure you are going to do awesome in weaving. Hugsss