Friday, February 13, 2009

The Puppy

So's I get a little sleep deprivation from the puppy but each night she sleeps a little longer and I am getting more used to her and she to me.

She is also having a blast playing with kitty and he with her. They have spurts of rabble-rousing play then they both crash and sleep (the puppy on me, the kitty in one of the pet beds around here - they're not sleeping together YET!!:)

This pug girl seems ahead of her time, at least developmentally ahead than our other Pugs at this age. She got up to the second step on of the stairs and was able to get down a step which is developmentally difficult for them at this young age (almost 9 weeks), but obviously not impo-ss-ib-le.

Sometimes she goes after things she shouldn't (like the edge of bottom of the stairs, or tries to pull apart a dog bed) but some Bitter Apple sprayed on the bottom of the stairs was a Big Deterrant and giving her a toy to chew on instead of the bed helped with that.


Tracy said...

awww i am so happy for you. You and the new memeber of your family seem very happy! I know the whole no sleep deal is hard , but hopefully that will pass soon! Hugs.

Jena (Violet) said...

Yay! You're having fun with your new puppy, that is so exciting! It can be really draining with a new pet at first but as you know, it ends up being so rewarding when you bond with it and everything. I'm so happy for you :)

Denise said...

There is nothing like a new puppy! Sounds like she is settling into being a part of that family! What is her name..... Have you told us and I have just missed it?

Enjoy your new found friend and have a fun V-Day

Raine said...

Awwwww an ewpuppy- how very cool

Hopefulsl said...

Are you shocked to see me here???? LOL.........First I would like to say I just looooove the new look you have here :) Very nice and the color is one of my favorite's, good choice! Anyhow, your puppy sounds sooooo cute and keeping you very busy too-lol......I'm very happy for you but still sadden for the lost of the other one :( GLAD you were able to find a replacement right away though. And did you have this one checked out very carefully at the Vet? I'm sure you did cause you wouldn't want to go through the same thing as the last dog you had. Anyhow, hope things are going good for you and your family? Things seem to be o.k here on my side, hope it stay's that way-lol......O.K, are you over the SHOCK yet-lol.....TTYS-Love,Stacy (((((HUGS))))) & ((((((HUGS)))))