Friday, February 13, 2009


It's been a busy morning, feeding all the animals, going outside with the dogs to go potty (for them not me! hah), playing on the computer. I checked out Mike Golch's site today and on his Feb. 6 post he had awards, including this Fabulous Lady and her dog, which I love. I will follow his rules and it goes out to all who have commented on my blog in the past month or so, Jena that's you too, as this would be perfect for Scenario Idiosyncratic (wow, what a spelling tongue-twister that is!).


Denise said...

oh the joys of potty training a puppy... Takes commitment BUT it pays great dividends in the future.
Have a wonderful V-Day tomorrow !

Mike Golch said...

just think training a kitten is not much fun either,especially cleaning up the "accidents"