Monday, October 4, 2010

We are on Retreat!

I gave my presentation today for my co-workers on 'Refuting Irrational Thoughts' and it went splendidly. I was organized, with hand-outs, and as the cherry on the sundae, I made little 'Affirmation' cards for each person and I think several people really liked them.

The best part about this experience so far has been the hot tub. I've been in it each night we are here. It rained All Day today, including this evening, but 5 of us were determined to get in the hot tub tonight regardless of being pelted with showers. And we stayed in it even though it's temperature had cooled down so much.

Tonight six of us went to a seafood restaurant buffet and tore it up. One guy was amazing, with several plates of seafood, a plate of salad, and a plate of fruit > 5 PLATES o' food! How we amuse each other.:) Glorious!

I am very tired right now, as I have taken my medicine and it is kicking in. Talk...soon...later.
:) Tart


Tracy said...

I am so glad you are having a wonderful time! The time spent in the hot tub sounds heavenly! :) I love hot tubs. Hubby and i really do need to get one! :) Hugs my friend. Have a safe trip home when you return!

Wanda's Wings said...

I'm so happy you are having a wonderful time.

Raine said...

It sounds like fun! Enjoy! I would love to sit in a hot tub in the rain.