Sunday, April 19, 2009

Presenting my new gig: Our non-profit on Ebay!

Because it's that time of the month, I have spent two near consecutive nights not sleeping. Here it is 5:12 a.m. annnnn no sleep still.

I have been listing books on Ebay for the Trillium Drop-In Center for weeks now, just to get and keep up 25 books. I think its hard because the economy has taken a downturn and these are used books. But I am not giving up, no Sir, they will sell. Also, on Ebay feedback is very important and we are new, with no sales or feedback yet, and that may frighten people away.

So after weeks of keeping it under wraps, I have decided to come out on the blog and make it possible for you, Dear Reader, to go to our site and check out what we've got.

100% of the sale of these books is a donation to the Trillium Drop-In Center located in Woodbridge, Virginia (helping the mentally ill of Prince William County).

Trillium's mission is to provide a stress-free, stigma-free atmosphere for people 18 and over who are mental health consumers.

It's a place to socialize, reduce isolation, and participate in a variety of activities and relax be around people. Feelings of isolation are a serious problem for many mentally ill consumers (yes that's the term used) as many of us know and this place was established by mental health consumers for mental health consumers.

Trillium Drop-In Center is a non-profit and so we sell through MissionFish, Ebay's administrator to non-profits.

To see what we are selling go to go halfway down the home page (you do not have to sign in), type 'trillium drop' and view to see what we have on sale.

I said I'd never sell stuff on the blog, never put an ad up. This is something I am presently doing on a volunteer basis and I love it, maybe to get paid one day (and yes, it would help when we get sales!:) and it is the thing that is taking ALL my time and keeping me away from you, Dear reader and blog writers, as I am presently all-consumed with it.

There are some good deals on there, you should check it out. Also, I expect to get a new batch of books next week to put up.


Denise said...

That is a good idea AND you should give us your eBay id.........There are a LOT of ladies out here that are avid readers............ sooo when you get this comment go in and put your eBay id here and then pray about it and see what God does......

have a blessed Sunday

'Tart said...

Thank you so much for your comment Denise!!

I took your advice and posted our Ebay ID in my next post here: trilliumcenter.

You have a blessed Sunday too.
With hugs and blessings.