Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ebay for Trillium Drop-In Center.

Thank you Denise for your comment on my new 'venture, the selling of books (and every sale is a 100% donation to a Center for the socialization for the mentally ill) on Ebay.

Our Ebay user ID is trilliumcenter.

Thank you Denise for mentioning prayer to Heavenly Father about this. I prayed before starting, I pray sometimes for the little things like what I should price things and I am praying hard that this is a success and we will sell. I pray all the time. :):):)

I feel like He led me to this and I feel like it is a worthwhile adventure. While sometimes I feel personally ostrasized from the Center because I am not good around people nor do I feel particularly welcomed by them (but this is a different story), I absolutely adore our Executive Director and would do nearly anything for her and this Center is her life, her baby. She believes in it so much, and there's no place like it in our area. It really is special and one of a kind to my knowledge.

So in answer to your comment, here is our Ebay user ID and I really hope to create some buzz for it. There are books on there for .25 + 3.00-3.99 s&h just to get things going. I know that with time and the Lord's blessing things will get going!


Mike Golch said...

I hope that this goes well for you.

Tracy said...

I know this is going to be a wonderful thing for you! I feel your excitment, and i know in my heart that this is so positive for you.

I hope you get sleep soon. I know only all to well how that can impact not only the body but the soul. Hugs