Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My first post on the new system - Hello! It's been so long!!:)

Wow! fellow blogger's are you liking the new Blogger? I am not sure if I do ~ it is so DIFFERENT and bare seeming and well, who likes change? This is drastic people!!

Webshots - This looks like a bearded iris to me, which are coming up in a couple people's yards on my way to work - so beautiful!

My blog goes on! I am still here, still blogging anonymously as a person who has bipolar disorder and lots of pets - hence the name Jungletart as most of you know me. Anyway, what a shock for even me to find that I haven't written since February of last year. And this feels like a new start for me with this new posting system/page.

So much is going on with work, and it is going well. I am on the Board at my little Drop-in Center for mental health consumers and I am still giving 'In Our Own Voice' presentations and I am on some other exciting committees having to do with mental health issues, including the Mental Health Awareness Day in our county A-gain, for starters.

I've come a long way baby. From early days of venting, venting, here on the blog to be being mucho blessed to work in the very field that is a passion of mine from the get-go.

SO, here I sit, surrounded by my Pugs and kitty. They are doing well and are my little furbabies. They make me happy.

We have been fishing already this year and hubby caught a fish on our first trip out and it made him so happy. I got him a fishfinder for his birthday last year and we finally tried it out and it worked!! We were trawling along and I said "Stop here!" and not too long after he caught his fish. Last weekend no catches but it is sooo beautiful to just be on on the riv'a!

Well hello all my blog friends and new ones too. I hope life is treating you well.


Mike Golch said...

I'm not likeing to so much. but I have to get used to it.Since they are taking the option of the old interface away from us.

'Tart said...

Hi Mike!
I know, it definitely different. I keep searching for my Dashboard! I just discovered it does the stats from different countries,etc. That is cool!

Wanda's Wings said...

The new dashboard is crazy! Speaking of crazy, you sound crazy busy, I am always happy to see you around. Good job on promoting awareness on mental illness, It is so much needed. NAMI IS SUCH A GREAT GROUP. Please don't be a stranger.

Tracy said...

Hey My friend. I am back too! Although I have been away for a year, or two really when i consider i have not really shared any of my thoughts on blogger, just paintings. I am now wanting to blog again. Wow... You have been missed. Glad all is going well. You are always in my thoughts my friend as well as my prayers! Hugs and blessings!

Raine said...

its good to see you back in blogworld and to hear you so happy and content

Amy Purdy said...

I look forward to reading more posts from you. I love the pugs! :)

-Amy from