Friday, April 15, 2011

I am still here!!

Hello Blogworld, Things are percolating right along. Spring has sprung!! It is so beautiful around here. Sunshine. Flowers. The green, green grass of my neighborhood. (and dandelions!:)

I have been working on a few things here. I am still working at the Drop-In Center. I am also on a committee to help organize our county's Mental Health Awareness Day. I am still a presenter for NAMI's 'In Our Own Voice' program, and the coordinator for it for our county. I am doing well professionally.

More and more I am getting to help out my favorite cause (helping to break the stigma of mental illness and share my compassion as a person with others). Those of you that have been following the blog from that first post know that I have just wanted the opportunity to touch even one life, to share a commonality with others that yes, suffer, and also triumph daily over difficulty.

I am very happy to report that after all these years, since 2006 I think I started this blog, that I have been able to see good things in my actual life come about as a process in working in the mental health world as a person who has a mental illness myself! Wow! It really is something to get to say that on the blog.

No, I'm not going anywhere (not leaving the blog) in case this got you worried. We still need to talk about this stuff. I'll never stop wanting to talk about mental health. People need compassion and so so many of us need someone to talk to about these things. Just sayin' :)

I'm sign off this post for now. I wish you all a Great day!


Mike Golch said...

Hellow my friend nice to see you again!

'Tart said...

Hi Mike,
It's good to see you again!
Thanks for stopping by!:)

Wanda's Wings said...

Glad you are making such a positive influence in the mental health world. I am really proud of you. Good to see you on line.

'Tart said...

Hi Wanda!
Thank you! It is so good to see you here!:)

Raine said...

You've accomplished quite a bit

Wanda's Wings said...

Just checking in on you.