Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm a Polar Bear!!

Polar Bears, Webshots
I went away for the weekend to the beach! I went with the staff people at work, there were 15 of us at a beach house and we had a blast! It was fabulous! We were just two blocks away from the beach, and I did go and just get in a little. Then I decided if I could stick my feet in the water I could get in the pool. Ice cubes!!! But I did it. I swam in a pool that was freeeezing!!

The trip was entirely paid for by the Center, gas to get down there, food (of which there was lots, and what we didn't eat we gave to the Center when we got back), the house - everything. I thanked our Director and she said part of the it was so that mentally ill people could see that they were worth it - worth spending the money on.

Oh! And it was Team Building as well, which we did four hours total and had an incredible time doing it. Truth, truth, lie - where you had to tell two two truths and a lie and everybody guesses which is the lie - you learn so much about everyone!

Or one team building was breaking up into five groups of three and coming up with a Team Building exercise - someone brilliant came up with the idea of a human machine, where each person adds onto the next doing something nuts, until all 15 people are in a circle making massive amounts of noise. It should have been taped for YouTube. Well, we had a blast looking silly and that was Great!

My medicine is working well to bring me back to health, except for the massive eating that occurs at night with the Seroquel. So, I saw the p-doc today and I said (advocating for myself!:):) it should be lowered a little and we are doing that. Hope it works!

I started working another shift this week with the Drop-In Center, (for a total of two shifts which will Not P.O. S.S. (make Social Security mad:):) and the baking thing is over for me. But not the lessons learned.
We recently made sweet potato pie and I can't wait to make that for Thanksgiving or even Christmas and bring it to my in-laws. The one I made in class was from canned yams and it was dee-licious. Truth: I had not remembered trying sweet potato pie before - that stuff is good!!


Mike Golch said...

sweet potato pie? man I am so gonna crawl into this computer and exit out of you computer,that way I can enjoy a slice of the pie with you.Hugs my friend.

Tracy said...

Glad you had such a good time on your retreat! Yum on the sweet potato dish. I make a dish with marshmallows , butter, sweet potatoes, brown sugar, and a little bit of orange juice every year for Thanksgiving. You will have to share with us what you made! hugssss and love ya my friend.

'Tart said...

Oh my Lord, yours sound Yummy!!! I still owe you a Hot and Sour Soup recipe - I haven't forgot. Okay, well I did for a while, but I've got the recipe for it on my fridge. I'll get it out soon.:) Hugsss and love ya too my friend!!